Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Crjs405db4 These Include But No

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic CRJS405DB4.

These include but not limited to collation, filtering, visualization and processing of data.

Collation is the major role played by Excel. It involves gathering items that are related together into a solitary location, the spreadsheet. This aids in facilitating interpretation of data as only those records that are related are kept together. The organization of data in the spreadsheet also enhances clarity and neatness of the records, making access and retrieval easy and faster. Filtering is also another important feature offered by Excel. The data sets can also be easily visualized, making the work of the managers easy and more efficient to perform.

SPSS can be defined as an integrated collection of tools for analysis of data commonly used and applied by social scientist researchers ( Mckeh & David, 2004). It is a computer based software package for quantitative data analysis commonly used for analysis of statistical data and other data management tasks. SPSS offers predictive analytics, a common feature which is beneficial to all businesses regardless of their industry. This feature involves predicting changes in the future trends in selling patterns. The results are then translated quickly into a number of harmonized decisions which aid in management and planning for future trends. This helps organization to take caution of possible risks of failure in the future, thus adjusting their operations to fit the situation ( Wagner, 2011). This saves money and improves customer satisfaction, thus ensuring continued success of the business. Future losses are prevented before occurring.

When one uses the data garnered in a survey as a tool to develop a profile of features to be used by the company when hiring workers and call that Ideal, it could mean a stagger in the ethics of business. This is equated to having a mold of potential employees and calling them ideal (Cooper $ Vault, 2009). Each of them will be diversified in the