Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Paper On The Topic Hinduism Jainism Hinduism And J

Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Hinduism & Jainism. Hinduism and Jainism Hinduism and Jainism are of the most worldwide religions that are practiced by millions of population all over the world. Although they both possess many similarities, JAINISM AND HINDUISM are unique in their own spheres. Unlike the matters of rebirth and afterlife, both possess their own scriptures. Moreover, their objects of worship also differ. In Jainism, worship is not meant to be only for God, for also for individuals who have reached the prime ideal and have become one with the God. The purpose of worship in Hinduism is also not the same as Jainism. In Jainism, no practices of food are offered to God or the divine. Consequently, Hindus give offerings of gift and materialistic needs for the divine. Rituals and traditions of sacrifices also differ in both religions. Since Hinduism is more focused on sacrifice, the focus of sacrificing animals is prevalent in Hinduism. In Jainism, this form of practice is refuted and discouraged. As mentioned above, the theory of salvation and afterlife is quite essential in both religions. While the Hindus believe that only God can truly achieve salvation, Jainism insists that humans are the only creation that can reach that level of state. Karma is another focal point that differentiates the two religions. Salvation is another crucial concept in which both religions tend to have differences. Hindus believe that Gods can only achieve salvation. However, the Jainas consider this privilege of human beings only. While Hindus regard Karma as an invisible power, Jainas think that it is something that comes from “within.” Clearly, both religions share many similarities but also possess many differences.

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