Hi Need To Submit A 2500 Words Paper On The Topic Paper About Msc This Paper Wil

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Paper about MSC. This paper will attempt to describe marine science and the recent challenge or challenges the field of study is facing.

Marine science is also known as oceanography or oceanology. As the term connotes, it deals with the study of the ocean and involves a variety of topics across several disciplines that can influence processes in the ocean world. There are four branches of the disciplines. namely, biological, chemical, geological, and physical. The first has to do with the interaction of marine organisms with their environment under the seas. Chemical oceanography is the study of the chemical properties of the sea. Knowing this is important because the seas and things in it help in sustaining life on earth. The chemical make-up of anything from the ocean that man comes into contact with will help society understand, for example, its effect on man. Geological oceanography, meanwhile, is that branch which concerns itself with the ocean floor as well as the tectonic plates of the earth. Lastly, physical oceanography studies the physical characteristics of the seas like waves, temperature, currents, tides, etc. Studying the ocean and all that is in it is not a new discipline.

As mentioned in the introduction, humans were already exposed to the seas and oceans in prehistoric times although the observations were mostly for purposes of map making and fishing. Proponents include Juan Ponce de Leon and Benjamin Franklin who were responsible for identifying and naming, respectively, the Gulf Stream. Written accounts of their sea travels serve as information from explorers like James Cook, Louis Antoine de Bougainville, James Rennell, Sir James Clark Ross, Charles Darwin, Robert FitzRoy and Matthew Fontaine Maury and have helped in enriching the knowledge base about the ocean and marine life.

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