Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic Contemporary Marketing The Com

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Contemporary Marketing.

The company was formed in 1998, by two Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Hamen, 2011). The company has grown extensively over the years and has in many ways surpassed the basic objective of accumulating all information and providing easier accessibility across the globe. As explained in the website, “From offering search in a single language we now offer dozens of products and services—including various forms of advertising and web applications for all kinds of tasks—in scores of languages. And starting from two computer science students in a university dorm room, we now have thousands of employees and offices around the world” (Google, 2011). The company now has a wide range of products and services and several different options which help make it easier for the world to share the information. For instance the company has developed several applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and many others which help in better accessibility to data and information. The further sections will deal with the impact of technology on several aspects of marketing of Google (Hamen, 2011).

Marketing communication is a major part of every business and in some ways can be considered to be a subset of marketing itself. The marketing of a company is based on the marketing mix (4 Ps in the case of products and 7 Ps in the case of services), and marketing communication is a means of promoting the marketing mix of a company. Technology and marketing go hand in hand and with the ever changing technology, the options for marketing communication have also increased to a great extent (Jobber, 2009).

Marketing communication within a company needs to be integrated as it helps keep the customers aware of the brand name and image. Advancing technology is definitely not a trend and this has a number of

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