Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic Why Is The Dispute Settlement

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Why is the dispute settlement body of the WTO so important,and how is it affecting the EU.

te resolution committee has so much power over domestic regulation and has contributed to its criticism in European countries and others that the organization has ruled against. This essay embark on analyzing the effectiveness of WTO dispute resolution in the EU vs. US Hormone Treated Beef Dispute, Asbestos Containing Product case and other effective role.

The case of the European Communities on the issue of asbestos presented a big challenge to the World Trade Organization because the matter are relatively incline to domestic health and safety more than the synonymous of the constitution framework of WTO dispute resolution tribunal on free trade practices (Footer & ZIa-Zarifi, 2002). The use of asbestos as an industrial product date back over 100 years ago, but its effect on human health was document in the 19th Century when it deposits were found in products in Ural and Quebec in Canada (Footer & ZIa-Zarifi, 2002). It was found to have a considerable effect in human health by causing life threatening illness such as lung cancer, asbestosis, pneumoconiosis and Pleural cancer (Footer & ZIa-Zarifi, 2002). For this reason scholars and medical practitioner have called for control use of the product to minimize and mitigate the adverse effect of asbestos.

France has restricted the importation of asbestos product from Canada as a result of the effect of the deadly carcinogen. Moreover, the country has provided favorable conditions to other commodities that came in the country from Canada and other countries. Therefore, Canada was aggrieved by the discrimination of it product and took the issue to the WTO dispute tribunal which upon hearing the case found France to have faulted the Article III: 4 of GATT regulations (Howse & Tuerk, n.d.). The economic situation of the period before the start of the Second World War was characterized by discrimination among trade partners where one country would export more goods and restrict others to access their own market in their

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