Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Paper On The Topic Starbucks The Experience Basic

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Starbucks the experience. Basically, employees who are also committed to the organizational goals improve the overall quality of the workforce. Several research studies prove that a high level of customer’s satisfaction could eventually lead to a high customer loyalty. (Entel et al., 2007. Jones & Sasser, 1995) In line with this matter, the constantly increasing Starbucks revenue is a positive sign that shows how well the company is serving its customers.

The market share of the company can be very much affected when a customer fails to receive a prompt service from the company. Starbucks HRM approach in providing at a total of five classes workshop training prior to serving the customers is essential in ensuring the delivery of a good quality customer service. (UW Business School, 2003) Considering that not all customers are after low price coffee, the company needs to strive hard in order to retain the loyal of its prospective customers.

price they have to pay. (Jiang, 2004) To achieve a good ‘after-delivery satisfaction’, it is a challenge for the company to maintain its reliability at all times. ‘Reliability’ is often linked with aspects such as delivery time – whether each cup of coffee will be delivered as promised, and the consistency of customer service including the order tracking, on-time delivery, customer support and quality of product and services that meets the customer’s expectation. (Smith et al., 2000)

The company also extend employee benefits such as medical, dental, vision and short-term disability insurance, paid vacation and holidays, mental health or chemical dependency benefits, employee assistance program, career counselling, product discounts, 401(k) savings plan, and a stock option plan. (UW Business School, 2003)

According to Schultz, it is difficult for employees to feel financially and spiritually attached with their jobs without these employement benefits. (Wyss, 2006.

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