Hi Need To Submit A 3500 Words Essay On The Topic The Interpretation Of Dreams I

Hi, need to submit a 3500 words essay on the topic The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious. Critically discuss Freud’s statement with de.

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It is imperative to mention that in psychology dreams are viewed with different perspectives. Those who believe in dreams and its interpretations provide a knowledge in to the unconscious are those who belong to the classification of Freudian psychoanalysis. whereas, those who refute the theories of Freud are the ones known as Neo-Freudian’s. The following paper will consider both the classes of psychology in order to give critique to “The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to knowledge of the unconscious.” The paper will comprise of authentic and scholarly articles providing an insight in to the topic with a help of a study. Freud’s Theory Dreams hold an integral part in psychology today as a part of psychoanalytic practice and theory that has attracted many researchers. However, it is essential to highlight that the dream interpretations in psychiatric treatment remains unclear. Freud recognized the connection between dreams and the unconscious mind during his psychoanalysis sessions, where his patients narrated their dreams to him during the session. He from his practice concluded that the dreams held a significant place in the patients mind. Dreams revealed the unconscious mind of every individual, depicting their wish that they desired to be fulfilled. Thus, it can be said that dreams were represents the imaginary fulfillment of the wish or the element of impulse present during the childhood. These dreams fulfill the wishes of the individuals before the wishes are repressed eventually with the conditioning of the mind (Doyle, 2001. Petocz, 1999). Moreover, Freud explained that images in the dreams depict the unconscious wish in the mind of every individual in a disguised manner. He further explained that these images use symbolizations that come forth in the conscious mind form the unconscious mind during the person’s sleep. This transformation of a wish in the dream acts as a censor in order to ward off any guilt feelings that may be attached with the content of the dream (Doyle, 2001. Petocz, 1999). It was further revealed that the censor is basically the ego that shuns the wishes of the unconscious while in the state of consciousness. and it is the ego that disguises the wishes of the unconscious in to symbolization in order to satisfy the human mind and yet do not feel guilty. With the development in the understanding of the human mind it was also highlight by Freud that along with ego there exists a superego as well. These he said existed without the consciousness of an individual. Therefore, this concept gave birth to the idea of repression and symbolism (Psychologist world, 2006). Thus, Sigmund Freud through said that dreams gives access in to the realms of the unconscious. One of his cases that stands as strong bases to his believe is a case of little Hans. Hans was a 5 year old boy who was introduced to Freud to cure his phobia of horses. This case was a clinical case. Nevertheless, Freud’s primary purpose was to explore the extenuating factors that led to the phobia and secondary factors remained to provide therapy.