Hi Need To Submit A 4000 Words Essay On The Topic Fridgecom Case Study Generally

Hi, need to submit a 4000 words essay on the topic FridgeCom Case Study.

Generally speaking a leader is a one who can lead his or her followers to achieve a common goal (Haslam, 2004, p.53). Scholars on time to time basis made several attempts to define leadership but they realised that “leadership has been a complex and elusive problem largely because the nature of leadership itself is complex” (Daft, 2007, p.4). Traditionally leadership was viewed as an influence of leader over the followers to achieve the common goal but in contemporary business environment leadership can be considered as “the process of producing direction, alignment and commitment in collective” (Velsor, 2010).

Many a time, people do get confused with the concept of leadership and management. Leadership is just one of the basic characteristic to be possessed by the manager to fulfil their job responsibilities. Apart from the leadership quality, a manger must possess other qualities like motivational skill, time management ability and efficiency to conduct planning, managing and execution of day to day activities (Cherry & Jacob, 2005, p.367). However, it must be understood that a manager may not possess leadership qualities and a leader not necessarily be a leader.

The leadership style followed by different leaders varies from individual to individual. These leadership styles are influenced by several internal as well as external factors. The internal factors are specific to a leader and these can be called the leadership traits. Again, the external factors such as the organisational culture, the job responsibility and the internal situations are equally important. In the early days the scholars identified some of the vital traits which must be present in a leader and this theory was called “trait theory”. This theory was proposed by Sir Francis Galton in 1869. Some of the common teats to be possessed by the leader were need for