Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Criticism Of The Play The Play

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Criticism of the play .

The play also portrays some teenager boys on their way to learn about sexuality and experiencing frustrating thoughts and dreams. The teenagers were exposed to some information through some books and pictures that eventually instigate the desire for physical intimacy among them. The play shows their attempts to make them aware of the sexuality and physical relationship.

The play is focused upon a highly sensitive but serious and important issue. The play tells about the efforts of the society to step teenage sexuality that have different types of impacts upon them. The original play contains some very bold scenes about abortion and sexuality but this musical adaptation covers all the topics in very effective and interesting manner. The play powerfully portrays the frustration, pain and joys of being young and the intricate feelings and changing emotions that the youngster experience during this phase of life. The play shows that this phase is very delicate and complex and the society and parents should take great care of the children so that they could bit be a victim of any sexual abuse.

The excitements of the youth are beautifully presented through rock music in the play. The musical instruments are brilliantly used in the play to effectively describe the emotions and frustrated feelings of the adolsent. Since the issue is very sensitive and complex the words are not always enough to express and explain the desired emotions. At these places, the director has made adequate use of music to convey the ideas and thoughts to the audience in perfect manner. The musical adaptation of the play is very appealing because it involves the audiences and makes them feeling the deep emotions and feelings of the youngsters.

The play received very positive response from the literary critics and general public because it allows the audiences to feel

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