Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Crititque Of Introduction Probl

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Crititque of Introduction: Problem/Purpose statements, Research Questions, Hypotheses……’ Nurses’ use of water-filled gloves in preventing heel pressure ulcer in the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria’.

The other issue is that the research problem is significant to the nursing practice and it is also presented in such a convincing way that the readers can understand what the research is all about in addressing the problem highlighted.

The statement of purpose was stated as: “This is a descriptive study designed to examine the use of water filled gloves (WFGs) by nurses in prevention of heel PU among patients in UCH, Ibadan, the first teaching hospital in Nigeria established 1957, “(Adejumo & Ingwu, 2010, p. 473). The purpose statement was clearly stated and it is located under the “Methods” section of the study. The statement clearly outlines the significance of WFGs in addressing the problem that seems to be increasing and posing a serious threat to the healthcare system. The report presents a purpose of statement and this highlights the intention of the study. It sets clearly the outline of the study as well as the core area to be examined. This statement of purpose is clearly presented and it also helps the reader to grasp what the researchers are trying to achieve or investigate in their study. This statement of purpose also gives direction of the study such that the reader can easily follow the argument of the researchers.

However, the study does not explicitly state the research questions since these are presented as statement of purpose. The other important element about the study is that the hypotheses state different variables and the study sought to investigate how these variables are related. In this case, the major variables are as follows: Pressure Ulcers, water filled gloves and the problem of tissue breakdown (Adejumo & Ingwu, 2010). However, the hypotheses are not presented in a formal way since they are stated within the context of the problem to be investigated. Despite the absence of clearly and concisely stated hypotheses, statistical tests were used to analyze data in the