Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Explain Gandhi S Contention Tha

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Explain Gandhi’s contention that external independence (swaraj) depends upon internal swaraj. Do you think his reasoning is correct why or why not.

All citizens should enjoy the fruits of their labor and enjoy their human rights and freedoms (Singh 14).

Gandhi’s thinking contention that external independence will depend on internal swaraj is correct. First and foremost, self-government ability should depend on internal strengths and ability to resist all odds. Political self-government which is not sustainable is not worth its name and thus external swaraj will be attained by attaining internal swaraj. According to Gandhi, internal swaraj forms the basis of civilization and internal strengths can only be maintained when the masses remain patriotic in achieving the national goals and good which are above any personal considerations such as personal profit. Gandhi is correct to assert that swaraj is an inclusive government but the majority should refrain from selfish and immoral acts since this can only spell anarchy. Internal swaraj is not based on any race or religious affiliations, or controlled by the moneyed men thus all citizens are able to unity and resist external pressures of colonization and achieve external independence (Parel 77).

Gandhi’s thinking is correct since he clearly asserts that Indian swaraj is not based on any major community such as Hindus but rule of all people thus ensuring justice to all the citizens. Gandhi is correct since civilization should ensure public resources are safeguarded by ensuring morality in all public affairs, private undertaking and public undertakings. Internal swaraj will eliminate all violent acts and unify all the citizens in resisting the heaviest external odds and external control of their nation’s affairs. According to Gandhi, all citizens are entitled to amenities that are enjoyed by moneyed men but they are not necessary for happiness thus self-government should guarantee this amenities to all citizens. Through internal swaraj, Gandhi demonstrates that Indians can attain a healthy and dignified independence and nationalism spirit