Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic The Six Principles Of Scientifi

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic The Six Principles of Scientific Thinking.

It has been scientifically proven that most issues or questions have more than one definite answer (Lilienfeld, 2013). It is only through questioning of contradicting opinions or ideas that one can distinguish between educated and uneducated assertions, valid and invalid claims, and determine if significant alternate explanations were omitted in formulating the findings.

The second principle is that of correlation vs. causation. In many occasions, one can find two totally distinct variables with matching decreases and can simply confuse the variables to be positively correlated. The conclusion made will potentially be flawed. It is, therefore, important to have internal validity and be able to be certain that the causation relationship exists.

Falsifiability is another important principle which holds that for any assertion to be meaningful, it must be capable of being disapproved. If no evidence exists to plausibly disapprove the assertion, it can, therefore, not be meaningful and is termed as unfalsifiable.

Moreover, there is the principle of Replicability which forces psychologists to ask themselves whether the findings supporting a certain claim have been duplicated by other researchers or whether other researchers can replicate the findings (Lilienfeld, 2013). A researcher should be skeptical of any findings that cannot be duplicated.

Similarly, the principle of extraordinary claims is quite common and holds that strong claims require extraordinary evidence. If the claims are strong and no evidence exists to support them, then they are flawed.

Finally, there is the principle of Occams Razor which advocates that if there happen to be two equally good explanations for an occurrence, the simpler explanation should be selected. The hard explanation is deliberately left out.

These principles are imperative in our daily lives as they give us distinct ways of evading the daily traps and understanding social psychology which

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