Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Customer Service In Modern Busi

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Customer Service in Modern Business.

All business in any industry are able to provide the highest quality products and what the business can do to increase its competitive advantage in the market is to deliver service to the customer. It is no longer about the product because the customer can get the product from any other firm out there. Instead, the customer is looking for high-quality service and customer experience offered by the business. This applies to all types of business, whether it is a service business or a business that produces physical goods. This has come to be called customer experience and deals with all levels of service from before the customer buys the product, during the purchase and delivery of the product and the after sale service of the product.

This new attitude towards the customer has also changed the way businesses are managed. For instance, in the earlier days, a floor manager would be a person with just a high school diploma. These days, even the lowest managerial jobs such as floor managers are required to be highly educated and if possible, they have to be experts in what they do. They are also paid much better and also stand to earn even more based on their productivity. Their productivity is also measured not only in terms how much sales they make but in terms of how happy the customers are.

In most cases when the customers’ expectations are too high or unrealistic, it is because the customers may not necessarily understand what they want. Ironically, it is the role of the business to understand the needs of the customer in such a situation and try to expose these needs to the customer so that the customer can make an informed choice with realistic expectations. Failing to do this would lead to the customer being unhappy and always complaining about the service.

The other challenge that a business may have with regard to customer expectations is when the business fails to clearly define the service capabilities. A business can avoid this kind of misunderstanding by clearly defining its capabilities and the parameters within which it is able to give its service to the customer.&nbsp.

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