Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Television Broadcasting History

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic TELEVISION BROADCASTING, HISTORY OF.

The researcher’s main goal is to reveal to the audience the chronological events that saw coming of age of the television and the television news. Vladimir K. Zworykin gave hope to Americans when he first patented the iconoscope television picture tube in 1923. NBC further developed this to broadcast an image and allow television transmission. The great depression and World War II delayed the first newscast, which eventually came in 1939. By this time, only a few television sets existed in New York area, limiting the number of audience reached by the cast. The number of television sets owned by homes increased considerably in 1946 and by 1948, almost one million homes owned television sets. The number of licensed television stations also increased to 108 serving a greater number of public. By 1950, television managed to change the old habits of attending movies, and sporting activities because many preferred the comfort of their home watching television (Landesberg and Pescatore 1024- 1028).

Growth in programming played an important role in the television acceptance. For instance, television captured important functions in the other parts of the world, displayed good movies, discussions, and soaps attracting all kinds of audience. Undeniably, growth in technology played an important part in this transition and to the next level of digital technology.

The Landesberg and Pescatore, the co-authors of this article have used literature review as a methodology to this article. Numerous literatures exist that explain some aspects of television, television news, and invention of television sets. In choosing to use existing literature, the authors avoid the challenges that go with the traditional qualitative methods. This methodology is appropriate to this research to some extent. First, this method is a cheaper one and thus appropriate in case of less funds. Secondly, the research involves historical events that occurred many years ago when the

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