Hi There I Have One Final Assessment For The Subject Of Consumer Behaviour Where

Hi there, I have one final assessment for the subject of Consumer Behaviour, where you have to answer for 2 different questions mentioned in the assignment consisting 2500 words, using the the consumer behaviour theories putting table, figures and quality intext citations, using Harvard referencing. I need good 20 to 25 good Harward references from quality journal and not from anywhere. Please do not accept it just for the sake of money if you can commit me good and quality work then only accept it. The relevant articles are given in the assignment please go through with this. Read the questions, and rubric carefully and then please decide to write about it. you can take the topic like learning and motivation, theory of perception and social influence and any accordingly. I really need quality work and your regular update. at last i want you to send me all the links below (urls) just after the referencing. Accept if you can do it only..Please dont make me suffer.. 

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