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History of Egypt

Second Midterm


Objective Section. T/F and Multiple Choice. Each question is worth 1 point (15 points total)


  1. The Crusaders were careful to avoid killing civilians during the First Crusade. True or False?
  2. In the long run, Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt was a great success. True or False?
  3. A form of Christianity that was considered heretical by mainstream Christianity because it viewed the body as the prison of the soul and stressed practices like extreme asceticism and the refusal to procreate was: Arianism, Gnosticism, or Monophysitism?
  4. Which of the following were particularly noted for their contributions to religious architecture in Egypt: the Ayyubids, the Fatimids, or the Mamluks?
  5. In the 5 Pillars of Worship in Islam Muslims are supposed to pray each day: 3 times, 4 times, or 5 times?
  6. The ruler during whose reign long-staple cotton was introduced and Alexandria experienced a revival was: Suleiman the Magnificent, Ali Bey the Great, or Muhammad Ali?
  7. Saladin’s big victory over the Crusaders that led to the takeover of Jerusalem was the Battle of: Heliopolis, Hattin, or Marj Dabik?
  8. The most famous of the Abbasid Caliphs was: Harun al-Rashid, al-Ma’mun, or Mu’awiyya?
  9. The rulers who had originally been slaves, mainly elite cavalrymen, were the: Ayyubids, Fatimids, or Mamluks?
  10. The Roman ruler who ruled Egypt as his own private possession because he had conquered it was: Hadrian, Septimius Severus, or Augustus Caesar?
  11. The infamous Fatimid Caliph notorious for his megalomania, paranoia, and cruelty was: al-Muizz, al-Hakim, or al-Mustansir?
  12. The rulers who attempted to create a balance of forces in Egypt so that they would not combine to challenge their rule were: the French, the Ottomans, or the Ayyubids?
  13. Champollion is called the Father of Egyptology because he: wrote The Description of Egypt, drew pictures of the ancient monuments of Egypt, or deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs?
  14. The first female Islamic ruler was: Zenobia, Shajar al-Durr, or Sayyidat al-Mulk?
  15. The first capital of Islamic Egypt was: al-‘Askar, al-Qahira, or al-Fustat?

Part II. Answer any one of the following essays (15 points).

  1. Discuss the legacies of the Mamluks. Provide examples of their contributions to Egypt and to the Middle East.
  2. What contributions did Egypt make to early Christianity? (more options on next page)
  3. What was the legacy of Muhammad Ali for Egypt?
  4. Explain the goal(s) of the First and Third Crusades and the outcomes of them. Why were the Crusaders successful in the First Crusade?
  5. What was the importance of Egypt to the Ottoman Empire? How did the Ottomans seek to maintain control over Egypt? Why did it ultimately begin to slip from their grip?


All I need are the numbers of the questions and the letter you chose as the answer for each of them, whether T or F or a, b, or c. For the essay, all I need is the same thing: the number of the essay along with your essay.

Your answers could look something like this:


  1. T
  2. F
  3. b
  4. c



  1. Followed by your answer






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