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RESEARCH PROJECTS (Microeconomics) Spring 2020
Assignment: Choose one topic from the two topics below for your project. Research your topic and
prepare a 5 to 6 page (double spaced, 1” margins) paper for submission (at least 4 sources needed).
Your work cited page is not included in the 5 – 6 pages referred to above. The research paper will be
worth 60 points. Your paper must be submitted to me in class on April 21. A late submission of this
paper will result in an automatic loss of 15 points. Research papers will not be accepted more than
one week after the due date. Please do not email your paper to me. Whichever topic you choose,
you should display good knowledge and understanding of the relevant microeconomic concepts we
dealt with this semester.
1. Market Conditions
Select a company or industry with which you are familiar or for which you can get information.
Prepare a paper analyzing the current market conditions of the company/industry you have selected.
In your first paragraph give a brief history of the company or industry chosen. For the remainder of
the paper analyze the market conditions for the company/industry. Your work must address the
Supply and demand analysis for the company products
Pricing of products and services
Price elasticity of demand for the products or services
Introduction of substitute products and how this affects the company or industry
Market structure of the company or of companies in the industry.
Impact of new companies entering the market
Competitors in the industry, and their pricing structures
Impact of government regulations on the company/industry
Any other microeconomic analysis you may think important to the company you have chosen.
2. Market Structures
Prepare a paper comparing and contrasting any two of the following market structures – Perfect
competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic competition, Oligopoly. Discuss the essential features of the
two market structures chosen. State clearly at the top of your paper which two market structures
you will be dealing with and throughout your paper make it clear what characteristics relate to
which market structure. Make sure to address the following for each:
Typical goods or services produced under the market structures
Pricing and non-pricing strategies that are employed in each market structure and why.
Types of barriers to entry in each structure
Price elasticity of demand under each market structure
Economic profits made by firms in the market structure
Advantages and limitations of operating in each market structure
Give at least three examples of firms/industries that fall under the market structure
Explain why these examples fit into the market structure.
For Oligopoly and Monopoly, also discuss Government’s anti-trust laws and show how these laws
affect the market structure. Discuss at least one recent anti-trust case and the outcomes of this case.

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