Homework Extra Credit Section 2 Save 3 Of 3 2 Complete Hw Score 67 4 Of 6 D Scor

i need the answer for the service level in percentage please.

a. enter your responses rounded to two decimal places

Homework: Extra Credit Section 2Save3 of 3 (2 complete)HW Score: 66.67%, 4 of 6DScore: 0 of 2 ptsProblem 7Question HelpDavid Polston prints up T-shirts to be sold at local concerts. The T-shirts sell for $24.20 each but cost David only $8.90 each. However, because the T-shirts have concert-specific information on them, David can sellleftover shirt for only $1.00. Suppose the demand for shirts can be approximated with a normal distribution and the mean demand is 380 shirts, with a standard deviation of 65.Click the icon to view the normal probability table for z 2 0.Click the icon to view the normal probability table for z s 0.What is the target service level?David’s target service level is %. (Enter your response as a percentage rounded to two decimal places.)Enter your answer in the answer box and then click Check Answer.Check AnswerClear All

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