How Can You Use The Information In This Module To Be More Effective As A Human S

How can you use the information in this module to be more effective as a human service professional? 250 words 

Module 4: Cultural Dynamics and Intersectionality


Hello and welcome to Module 4. At various points in the program and specifically in your multicultural course, you have examined the dynamics of culture on various groups of people in our society. As you gather and integrate information about the issue you are researching for your final paper, you should also consider the role of gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, ability, religion/spirituality, and other attributes on the way issues manifest in certain groups of people. We will pay particular attention to how those issues can be further impacted by intersecting cultural identities.


The following module outcomes will be met in this module:

  • MLO #4.1: Utilize a variety of resources to gather information about the unique needs of various cultural groups. (CLO #1)
  • MLO #4.2: Examine the impact of culture (gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical/mental ability, or religion, etc.) on clients’ quality of life and the development and prognosis of their presenting issues. (CLO #2)
  • MLO #4.3: Reflect on how your beliefs about cultural dynamics impacts your work with and on behalf of clients. (CLO #3)


The following course outcomes will be met in this module:

  • CLO #1: Integrate major theories, concepts, and practices in the disciplines of human services and psychology.
  • CLO #2: Suggest applications of psychology to the practice of human service;
  • CLO #3: Identify career and further education opportunities in human services and psychology.

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