How do you anticipate integrating the role of a DNP-prepared nurse as an educator into your current or future career

Use this form as a template, do not modify it, and do not change the font or the format. Just add your answers to the question to this pre-formatted template. Use the points below as headings of your paragraphs, answer each question separately in a complete section or paragraph, as indicated, and do not mix any answers. Include citations where it is pertinent, followed by references at the end (as per APA 7). ***

Week 3 template

Part I

1. How do you anticipate integrating the role of a DNP-prepared nurse as an educator into your current or future career?

As I mentioned before in the course, I plan after graduation to work part-time in a local nursing school and also… (Continue)…

2. Compare faculty DNP-prepared nurse educator activities to the activities of the clinical DNP-prepared nurse educator in a healthcare organization or to mentoring or education activities of the DNP-prepared healthcare systems leader.


Part II: For Case Study Students

Practice Question in PICOT Format

In overweight adult patients in a primary care clinic, what is the impact of implementing the American Heart Association Diet and Lifestyle recommendations, compared to standard care, on body weight in 8-10 weeks?

· What creative solutions can address the barriers and/or optimize the facilitators? You are receiving pushback and resistance from the frontline staff. You can share briefly what you hear on the front lines from nurses as they are doing their best to cope with the pandemic. How will you address this?


· You continue to conduct your formative evaluation for intervention fidelity and provide feedback. What are you learning about project implementation?





· Are there reminders or practice prompts you can develop and provide at this time to support intervention fidelity? If so, what are the reminders or practice prompts and how do you believe they can help?

To support intervention, fidelity, frequent patient contact, encouragement, and education to the patients are needed. I will use verbal and written learning materials that will be provided as a handout, sent by email, discussed in person during meetings, and by phone calls to the participants. (Continue)…


· In your simulated case study project, are you able to collect the data you need? If not, what are the barriers, and what do you need to do to ensure that you will have the data to evaluate the success of the project implementation? Can the data be more easily documented and/or obtained?

Pre-implementation and post-implementation body weight measurements of participants will be collected in a private setting using the same scale that is calibrated every week. The data collection for the project will be obtained by reviewing patients’ charts and tracking the Fitbit app data that reflect the calorie intake and activity entered by each participant. Potential barriers include participants forgetting to input their data to the tracking app and others lacking proper mobile access. The challenges can be addressed by making patient reminders and being available to answer questions daily. (continue)…



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