Proposals are majorly set out as an idea at which people are suggested for them to think about. For examples, countries come up with proposals on how to fight terrorism and even ensure equity in access to healthcare services. proposals can be of the different kind they can either be formal such as that of a business or government proposal, and also an informal proposal

There are different types of the proposal they include

  • Solicited proposal, this can either be limited or unlimited. In limited, the sponsors send out a pre-proposal to an organization that needs to be funded and write specifications are indicated I the pre-proposal here; the limitation is to follow the preproposal. In unlimited, the organization can send all the proposal number because there are no specific guidelines for writing a proposal. Here the organizations can include all their specifications on the proposal.
  • Revised budgets proposal this is mainly prepared by finance cabinets secretaries from countries with budget estimates for the coming year. Also, it is used by sponsors to show much to support a foundation or organization to see how much the sponsor should fund the organization at a particular period of time.
  • Continuation and renewal proposal this is for people who give out tenders. After the time stipulated in the contract, one can send a renewal proposal to extend the tender for a given period of time. Mainly used to renew activities given to an organization when the intended time that was to expired.
  • The supplemented proposal this is used in case the intended estimates budget is not sufficient to complete the project; thus, a supplementary proposal is sent to ask for more fund.

In writing a proposal, the following steps

  1. Reason in writing the proposal. At this point, one considers the problem that has caused him or her to write then proposal. The organization also indicated the problem’s source and how the problem has affected the stated organization workers and the general public.
  2. How to solve the stated problem? At this point, one should clearly state the possible solutions and describe them fully the support one of the ideas and make it the main ideas of the proposal. For one to pick, one should first refuse all the other projects by stating their shortcomings, this is to prove the proposal is well thought of, and you are not coaxed to write the proposal.
  3. Showcase the importance of your proposal. One states the benefits that the proposal shall accompany. One can also showcase how the proposal will affect day-to-day activities and improve the organization’s operations. One can also include cost estimates in implementation and how much the organization will save one the proposal is implemented. This point one can argue out in showing how the disadvantage in implementation of the proposal shall be taken into consideration and curbed
  4. The conclusion here you want to encourage to take your proposal to enjoy the benefits they come in hand with the proposal.



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