How Would One Create An Activity Diagram Activity Flow Out Of The Information Gi

How would one create an Activity Diagram/Activity Flow out of the information given below?

Ms. Katie Couling has opened a new business offering landscape supplies and services, called Katie’s Landscaping. She has acquired 2 dump trucks, 2 front-end loaders, hired the necessary drivers (2), and brought on a small sales staff (3). Through her contacts, she has lined up some regular business to provide stone of various sizes, top soil, sand and wood chips for the spring, summer and fall months to both residential and commercial customers. Furthermore, she has the usual walk-in business that purchases the landscape supplies for either immediate pick-up (their own pick-up truck), or to be delivered (at an additional charge). She is looking for help in scheduling the equipment, monitoring the supplies (both her purchase of the supplies at wholesale rates and the sales of these supplies at retail rates), and further marketing to increase her sales.

Searching for solutions, Ms. Couling contacted a friend at her local community college, and arranged to have a team of advanced Business Information students review her operation and present a written proposal for an automated computer system. One student visited with Ms. Couling and reviewed her operation, to identify some of her needs. The student did some preliminary fact-finding for analysis. Here is some of what that student found out from interviews:

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