Human Resource Management homework help

Annotated presentation( power point presentation: on the slides some bullet points and bellow the slides, on the comment area is has to be written the big part of the information) on ELECTRONIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT  and justifying:
– its importance in HRM ( Human Resource Management)
-explaining its key characteristics
– describing the best practices
– recent HRM trends related to it
–  1’200 words and 300 words Personal Reflection at the end
– Nice design and pictures
Specific grading criteria for Assessment (25% each):

  • Compliance with submission standards (timing, organization)
  • HRM topic definition and importance justification
  • Familiarisation with the HRM topic characteristics
  • Professional quality of visual and other presentation support materials
  • Topic/Source selection (use of professionally relevant and credible theoretical/applied knowledge for selected HR topic)
  • Justification/Description (Familiarization with the HR topic)
  • Personal reflection (lessons learned about HR
    and/or business recommendation and/or theoretical implications)
  • Please add your 300- word Personal Reflection at the end of your PPT presentation slides in your individual annotated presentation. 
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