Humanities I Final Paper Assignment Instructions Choose One Of The Prompts Below

Humanities I: Final Paper Assignment

Instructions: Choose one of the prompts below to address in a five to seven page paper

1.   What role does conformity play in contemporary U.S. culture, and what are the ways in which people resist or break out of conformity? i.e. Responses to this prompt could choose to focus on ideology, consumerism, corporate culture, politics, economics, identity, or other related course themes.

2.   How do ideologies and material realities intersect and/or mutually inform each other?

3.   How are art and politics intertwined?

4.   How are race and gender connected to class and economics, i.e. how might a racial and feminist analysis help to unpack and better explain aspects of production, class, money, and labor?

5.   How does the mainstream media influence opinion, shape worldviews, and serve particular financial interests?

You must utilize and properly cite at least four primary sources (two of which must be from assigned course materials) in your paper. Your paper should make a specific argument in response to one of the questions below, supported by textual evidence, explanation, and adequate analysis. You must properly cite sources and provide a ‘Works Cited’ page . Please see the grading rubric online, avail yourselves to the ways in which your writing will be evaluated, and attach a blank copy of the rubric on your final paper.