I Am In Need Of Help On A Slide Presentation Of The Following Drug Chosen Morphi

I am in need of help on a slide presentation of the following drug chosen:


Below is

what is needed for the presentation and also since slide are not allowed “wordy” format, I will need notes along with the slide presentation for Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology. I would like to get this back next week sometime and “tweek” it with my own add ons as well

A ten-minute presentation should have no more than about 8 slides. Two or three of these can be on signs and symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors, and treatment of the disease for which your drug is intended to be used. Those slides can be very brief. They give a context for the talk. The rest must be on the mechanism of action of the drug. Be sure to cite your sources.

Make your slides simple and easy to read with minimal words (no more than 5 lines of 10 words each). Answer the following questions:

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