I Am Posting The Instructor S Feedback And Below I Will Post The Actual Assignme

I am posting the instructor’s feedback and below I will post the actual assignment. My response is attached.

 You might want to spend more time on your discussions.  First, be sure to copy the questions.  Answer #3 is incomplete because you did not list three sources.  In answer #4 you did not respond to the question about documenting these three ways of using information. 

Discussion Posts and Responses: 

1.  Comment briefly on the relevance of your past experiences with literature.

2.  What have you read that you consider a “masterpiece”?  Explain.

3.  Often literary works emphasize struggle, conflict, between two opposing forces or characters.  How is this subject matter archetypal?

4.  Your textbook states that Homer’s Iliad symbolizes a “truth of existence” (p. 68) that one’s growth can also contribute to one’s fall.  Do you believe that in real life this possibility occurs often?

5. Identify at least two human qualities that the ancient work Gilgamesh reveals.

6.  Based on your reading at least two Books from The Iliad, can you provide any explanation for why this work has been read and studied for centuries?  Use specifics from The Iliad as you answer this question.

7. How does each of the eight characters you read about that Chaucer describes in his “General Prologue” of The Canterbury Tales reveal humanity? (Remember to address each one individually.)

8. What do you consider to be James Joyce’s main intent in the short story “Araby”?  Explain clearly.  Then respond to the story’s relevance to you.

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