I Feel The Players In The Nfl Are At Risk Because Of The Nature Of The Game

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I feel the players in the NFL are at risk because of the nature of the game. From day one of football it has been a dangerous game, but it has evolved in to more than what I think people originally expected. If you really think about it as you watch a game these players are grown men and physical specimens that run around a field trying to tackle their opponent. According to the Washington Post the American Academy of Neurology conducted a study that showed that “more than 40 percent of retired National Football League players…had signs of traumatic brain injury.” To me this is an alarming number, but after being a fan of the sport for so many years I am not surprised. Also according to the Washington Post when the NFL released their official 2015 injury report “instances of head trauma jumped by 32 percent from 2014 to 2015.” I also look at this increase as an alarming number, but I think that there is more of a focus on caution with head injuries within’ the last couple of years. 

        I may be alone in my thinking on this but I do not believe there should be legal consequences against the NFL for these issues. I believe that once you put on a helmet and step on to the field you understand the risk you are taking. The game is a brutal game, but you do not have to choose to play. I believe the NFL is taking positive steps by punishing hits above the head, I do not think you can ever completely remove them from the game. I think some more impact resistant padding in helmets can also help as this problem continues to move forward to allow players who choose to play more protection. 

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