I Have A Paper Due Tonight At 9pm Have You Ever Read Exploring Phsychology Ninth

I have a paper due tonight at 9pm 

have you ever read Exploring Phsychology NInth editon by David G Myers ?


PHI 241 SEL, Purpose IV 

Spring 2019 (3 credits)

Philosophies and Theories of Learning andCognitive Development


Term Paper III Outline

First Draft of Term Paper III Due: Wednesday, April 3, 2019


For the purpose of your Final Term Paper and Presentation you are to select a topic from the textbook (limit chapters 7-12) and explore/examine it from a research perspective using a case study. For example: In Chapter 10: Motivation and Emotion, the author discusses the impact of social media and how we react in the social media world. You would connect this to a real-world example such as the teacher who was forced to resign after pictures of her consuming alcohol surfaced. 

Another example: In Chapter 7: Learning, the author goes into detail about how we learn and retain information. Towards the close of the chapter he discusses punishment and the impact it has on children. Aileen Wuornos had a very difficult childhood, was abused and mistreated. She grew up to be a killer. The research would suggest that her childhood impacted her behavior. 

You may begin either with selecting a real-world occurrence that piqued your interest and connecting it to a topic or choose a topic and search for an occurrence. 

You will create a PowerPoint Presentation with just 10 slides (including cover slide, abstract and reference slide) and present to the class on either Wednesday, April 10th or Wednesday, April 17th. This presentation should be the important parts of your paper. Tell us the topic you chose and how it relates to the event/real life story. Follow the outline below for your paper and PowerPoint. 


• Title Page• Abstract (an overview of your paper, tells the reader the purpose)• 3-5 pages:- Introduction (introduces the reader to your paper, gives a little bit of background)- Discuss the topic- Discuss the real-world situation- Tell your reader how the research points to the real-world situation, give examples- Reflection (Opinion on how you think the research connects to real world)- Conclusion • References 


• Your paper must be typed into the template provided. • Your paper must be 3 full pages in length. • Your paper must be Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced. • Check for grammatical errors, sentence-structure, punctuation etc.• There are absolutely NO CONTRACTIONS allowed in your paper. Contractions result in a full letter grade deduction.  • You must use a minimum of three sources• You must use APA format, and include a reference page• Your cover page, abstract, and reference page are not included in the three-page requirement. • You must submit your paper via email as a word document attachment. 

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