I Have Asked For Help So Many Times My Head Hurts I Need Help With This Problem

I have asked for help so many times my head hurts. I need help with this problem. This is a 100 series Calculus

class. Please keep that in mind when trying to help. I need detailed step by step help with some explanation. For some reason some tutors make assumptions and jump ahead. Please don’t. I was given a=6 and b=9. These are plugged in as digits and not for a variable to multiply. Example 4[a] is 46 not 4(6). I appreciate the help

Find & PostThe distance s (in m) above the ground for a projectile fired verticallyupward with a velocity of 4 [a] m /s as a function of time t (in s ) is given byClasss = 4 [a] t – 4. [b] +2.Your instructor will provide you with a and b.Find the answers to these questions.. find t for v = 0. find v for t = 4Discussion. find v for t = 5. What conclusions can you draw?State the values you are using for a and b before you show the work to answer these four questions. Remember touse the Canvas Equation Editor. Post your answers in the discussion area by the fourth day of the module week.Review & Discuss

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