I Have Drawn A Complete Blank On How To Complete Exercise P9 7b In The Text Fina

I have drawn a complete blank on how to complete Exercise P9-7B in the text, Financial Accounting 7th Ed. I am not requesting you complete the exercise; but, I need an example to follow.P9-7B The intangible assets section of Time Company at December 31, 2011, is presented below.Patent ($100,000 cost less $10,000 amortization) $ 90,000Copyright ($60,000 cost less $24,000 amortization) 36,000Total $126,000The patent was acquired in January 2011 and has a useful life of 10 years.The copyright was acquiredin January 2008 and also has a useful life of 10 years.The following cash transactions mayhave affected intangible assets during 2012.Jan. 2 Paid $45,000 legal costs to successfully defend the patent against infringement byanother company.Jan.–June Developed a new product, incurring $230,000 in research and development costs.Apatent was granted for the product on July 1. Its useful life is equal to its legal life.Sept. 1 Paid $125,000 to an Xgames star to appear in commercials advertising thecompany’s products.The commercials will air in September and October.Oct. 1 Acquired a copyright for $200,000.The copyright has a useful life of 50 years.Instructions(a) Prepare journal entries to record the transactions above.(b) Prepare journal entries to record the 2012 amortization expense for intangible assets.(c) Prepare the intangible assets section of the balance sheet at December 31, 2012.(d) Prepare the note to the financials on Time’s intangibles as of December 31, 2012.

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