I Know This Isn T A Biology Question But I Was Wondering If Someone Could Help M

I know this isn’t a biology question but I was wondering if someone could help me get the 8 diagnoses codes and 1 PCS Code for this scenario. 

The patient is a 40-year-old woman who is admitted for bariatric surgery for morbid obesity with alveolar hypoventilation.  The patient, who has been obese since childhood, currently weighs 150 pounds more than her ideal body weight.  The patient’s BMI is 48.4.  In the past 20 years, she has been treated for essential hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obstructive sleep apnea, insulin resistance, and primary osteoarthritis of bilateral hips and both knees.  She has had repeated failures of other therapeutic approaches and various diets to lose weight and has been cleared by a psychiatrist who could find no psychopathology that would make her ineligible for the procedure.  The patient underwent a laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (gastroenterostomy) procedure, consisting of the creation of a small gastric pouch connected to the jejunum.  The procedure and postoperative course were uneventful and the patient was discharged the following day.  During this hospital stay, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance, and osteoarthritis of multiple joints were also treated.

This scenario has eight diagnosis codes and one PCS code.

Running head: CODING FOR HYPERTENSIONCoding for hypertensionNameInstitution 1 CODING FOR HYPERTENSION 2Coding for hypertension The 8 diagnoses codes for the scenario include:I10, Essential…

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