I Need An Essay That Needs To Be 3 Pages Long Typed In The Correct Mla Format Si

I need an essay that needs to be 3 pages long, typed in the correct MLA format. Since this essay deals with an outside source(the Sherry article), plan on two pages of text with page 3 being the Work Cited page.

Here is the prompt for Essay#3

In the artice, “In Praise of the ‘F’ Word”, Mary Sherry argues that she used to blame students’ poor academic skills on “drugs, divorce, and other impediments”(502).

To what extent should teachers take these and similair issues to account when grading students? Are there certain situations that call for leniency, or should out-of-school forces affecting students not be considered? Write an essay in which you argue your position. Provide specific examples from Sherry’s article to support your argument. When possible, acknowledge and refute opposing viewpoints.

As you are structuring the essay, remember to follow a standard form for a summary-response-type argumet paper.

I. Introductory Paragraph-Introduce issue and summarize outside source(the Sherry article)

II. Body Paragraphs:

A. Point 1- summary point/response evidence

B. Point 2- summary point/response evidence

C. Point 3- summary point/response evidence, et cetera

III. Conclusion-wrap up argument

IV. Work Cited Page

Please include a plagarism report with this essay and it needs to be done by April 17th @ 12pm (CST)… I am not able to attach this article to my question because for some odd reason it’s not letting me hopefully you will be able to find this article.

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