I Need Help Creating A Thesis And An Outline On Feeding America Eastern Wisconsi

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. My participation at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin was a humbling and learning experience. I was pleased to take part in the activities that aimed at touching the lives of people by providing food in March 2015. Specifically, the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin was a prime target for me because I have a passion for fighting hunger, solving community-related problems, and improving the lives of the people. My passion aligns with the organization core mission and objective to end hunger and provide hope for families by collaborating with different agencies. In effect, I offered the organization with outstanding service to enable it to engage all the stakeholders in order to solve the hunger problem in the communities.

The volunteering service at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin used to start at 9 A.M and end at 4 P.M with breaks between the tasks. My primary task was to assist in sorting and labeling of various foodstuffs in the warehouse to distribute to the hungry people in the community. I used as heavy at fifteen-pound foodstuffs. My objectives were to meet the community needs and learn how organizations address them while gaining practical skills to apply and effect a positive change in the real world. In the course of the community service, my objective evolved according to the demands of different tasks. I constantly applied leadership skills that I mastered during the execution of tasks in the warehouse. Largely, I met my objectives of serving the community and bringing a positive change to people’s lives.

It was a pleasure to learn that apart from donating and volunteering at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin an individual can hold food drives. I did not know that the organization invites such drives aimed at collecting foodstuffs to assist in alleviating hunger. In fact, I can now hold food drives in my learning institution to help the organization get enough foodstuffs. In effect, the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin exercises a high level of social responsibility in issues central to humanity. Notably, the organization collaborates with other agencies to ensure that the hunger-stricken communities live a pleasant life. The level of interaction between the organization and the community aims at enhancing the quality of society. Similarly, the interaction between the volunteers and the organization’s workforce is remarkable and allows individuals to dedicate their efforts towards alleviating poverty. The harmonious relationship enabled me to contribute positively to the organization. In effect, I sorted and labeled many foodstuffs that benefited communities during my volunteering at the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

The communication with the people associated with the project was both formal and informal. Majorly, the communication involved email and briefings. The emailing was a regular channel of informing the participants about different tasks that needed attention. Similarly, briefing through meetings enabled me to communicate with other members. Fundamentally, the communication strategies differed from what I use to communicate with my fellow college students. Mostly, the communication with the other students entails chats through social media and texting using mobile devices. Nonetheless, I liked the formal communication channel because it was timely and facilitated a harmonious working relationship to achieve the goal of improving the lives of the communities. If I were to repeat the project, I would take part in the food drives to collect foodstuffs for the needy people. The experience at the Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin instilled a spirit of humanity and quest to touch people’s lives in a positive way.

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