I Need Help With A Basic Excel Assignment Showing Calories Consumed And Burned 6

I need help with a basic Excel assignment showing calories consumed and burned, 60 date rows starting on 9/24/16 – 11/13/16. If are able to help, I will send the additional details with the data.

  • Excel spreadsheet showing number of calories consumed and number of calories burned.
  • 3 charts, 2 depicting calories consumed and burned each day, and 1 depicting presumed weight loss or gain.

Columns across: Date & Day

Columns vertical: Weight, BMR, Calories Consumed, Calories Burned

Start with 155 lbs. with a 60 day weight loss of 10 lbs.

Daily caloric intake of 1800 (food intake).

To lose the calories:

Cardio = 400 calories

Weight training = 250 calories

Regular activity = 1620 calories

With a 4 day workout per week, 650 calories are burned per day and 2700 per week.

Calories burned above 1620 a day will result in weight loss.

After 3500 calories burned, 1 pound of weight is lost.

When an amount for calories consumed and calories burned is entered for a date, weight loss is determined.