I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment Chair Of The Environmental Committe

I need some assistance with these assignment. chair of the environmental committee Thank you in advance for the help! Therefore, the Environmental Committee believes that, though we have already passed the deadlines for certain construction works due to unexpected circumstances, we should move forward with engineering and customization of the equipment to be installed in the new facility, as well as with the development of sales and marketing strategies for the new drug. This will enable us to work in full and introduce the new drug to the market immediately after the facility is launched.

Secondly, since we consider the delay in environmental assessment to be the major, and critical, problem as for now, and taking into account the fact that ET had 3 months for solving it, but has presented no conclusive reports, we strongly recommend taking immediate measures for eliminating this problem. In particular, since ET shows not to perform its immediate responsibilities in the scope and within deadlines critical for our company, we recommend replacing the firm with another environmental consulting company. In such a way we can speed up the environmental assessment process in order to move on to the next stages of construction or clean up, if necessary.

Please, inform us of your final decisions so that we can take immediate measures to resume and speed up the project execution for it to be completed in the shortest possible term.

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