I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment Discuss The Impact Of French Upon T

I need some assistance with these assignment. discuss the impact of french upon the english language over the five hundred years after 1066 Thank you in advance for the help! Over the past few centuries, the English language has received modifications from a number of languages around the world. It has accepted within it a number of words arising from different etymologies and originating in foreign lands. Latin and German have achieved the status of influencing the English language a great deal however the French language has been undermined in this sense. But it is imperative to understand that this is the language that holds maximum amount of importance over English today. The Angles, Jutes and the Saxons were the three main German tribes who had settled in Britain around 450 A.D and had given birth to the dialects that formed the English language.

According to Bill Bryson, the Norman Conquest in 1066 was the final catalyst that gave the push to the formation of the English language as a complete whole on its own. William the Conqueror took over England and at the time, so did the French language, over the administration and upkeep of the land. It was the only language that was spoken and preached and remained in place for a period of over 300 years. Old English, the English that was supported by the tribes mentioned above, was spoke side by side however it was not given as much importance and was used as a colloquial form of speaking during events that were not given any prestige. (Lawless, Laura)

Old English consisted of only two numbers, three genders, four cases, and remnants of dual number and instrumental case, which could give up to 30 inflectional forms for every adjective or pronoun. Its syntax was only partially dependent on word order and has a simple two tense, three mood, four person (three singular, one plural) verb system. Furthermore, the spelling that was used for the language was based only on phonetics and was very different from the spelling used in English today.