I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment Flow Meter Demonstration Apparatus

I need some assistance with these assignment. flow meter demonstration apparatus Thank you in advance for the help! As the area is constricted, the cross-sectional area decreases thereby increasing the velocity but reducing the pressure significantly. These concepts help in the comprehension of Bernoulli’s effect because it makes it easy to estimate the differential pressures across the piping system. Most importantly, the experiment was instrumental in opening the eyes of the students on the practical application of piping models and how they work with respect to changes in the speed of the fluid in the system and how to control such parameters to improve the motion of fluids.

Venturi meter was first developed by J.B venture, a scientist with roots from Italy. The apparatus has immense use in the measurement of the rate of fluid flow along with the piping system. Tapering of the piping system generates a system that changes the fluid velocity and pressure along the pipes so that as the pipe constricts, the velocity increases towards the narrow areas of the pipes that attains the maximum velocities. However, as the velocity increases, the pressure decreases significantly, which means that pressure and velocity are inversely proportional to one another. The point in the venturi meter with the narrowest constriction in the throat. The fall in pressure as the water approaches, the throat depends on the increase in velocity, so that high velocities increase the decrease in pressure. Placing manometers along the pipes makes it possible to determine the flow rates along with the piping system. The venturi effect is the effect possessed by the meter, which affects the changes in pressure. Venturi effect may also be applicable when using the mixture of gases and liquids, hence testing the same phenomenon under these conditions. When a pump is used to force liquid from one end of the pipe that has a connection with a venturi, the water increases in speed when it approaches areas with the narrowest tube. As the water passes through the venturi, it changes towards the wider areas because of velocity decreases and pressure peaks.&nbsp.

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