I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment Graduate Reflection Paper 3 A Thank

I need some assistance with these assignment. graduate reflection paper 3(a) Thank you in advance for the help! Many employees will come from the neighborhood but many managers will be brought into the community from other areas. When so many people come together, they bring with them their attitudes, their insecurities and often their personal problems. Sometimes the manager helps an employee get to a counselor or find other resources in the community that they may need to continue in the organization. Managers must be cognizant of the fact that internally, they are the ones who set the climate and create a positive or negative experience for their employees.

The organizations have changed drastically over the last thirty or forty years. As an example, organizations now deal with a wider diversity of employees that can include different ethnicities, religions and disabilities. Gays, lesbians and transgendered employees have specific needs, some of which have become controversial and each all employees bring their skills and abilities to the workplace. Effective leaders must understand how to work with all these team members and help them work with each other. This action creates one of the many functions of management.

There are several models that are important to organizational change. The conventional model suggests that an individuals perception is based on the knowledge and information they receive (Rouse, 1998). This can be one of the reasons why employee behavior can be so different and why managers must be sure to understand who their people are and how to make them into a team.

Abraham Maslows Hierarchy of Needs is another model for leadership. Most people are familiar with the hierarchy and managers must understand that their employees may be at any level of need at any given time. The manager must be aware of resources in the organization and outside the organization that can assist employees.

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