I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment Lbs Management Case Study Questions

I need some assistance with these assignment. lbs management case study questions Thank you in advance for the help!  LB’s Management Case Study Questions Throughout the launching process, the Forever Young global advertising and communications team faced various challenges including miscommunication between the Toronto and London offices, information deficiency, and deficiency of time to deliver a final product. Team’s poor coordination and the decision by Florin and David to leave resulted in a team that had little knowledge of the market. These difficulties derailed the launching process.

The difficulties experienced by LB’s organization are attributable to the use of a long communication link instead of a direct communication which was needed for the turnaround. The organization’s communication link encompassed account supervisors at the London and Toronto offices causing delays, and making it hard for the teams to quickly share information that would have helped in product designing. Also, these challenges are attributable to the failure of LB to adopt face-to-face communication, which would have helped in building the togetherness that the organization direly needed at the launching phase.

If I were Janet Carmichael, I will decentralize the team. After decentralization, I would adopt the traditional format of task assigning. This would be most expedient for the organization.

After decentralization, it will imply that client’s local offices will gain more ability and power. Effective coordination will thus take place at the local level, and cost efficiency of the venture will be enhanced since LB’s team will work directly with clients. To bring a product with a high prospect of success in the Canadian market, this decentralization is necessary since it will allow the marketing in the mass media will be done by utilizing local advertising proficiency.

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