I Need Some Assistance With These Assignment The Comparison Of Mechanical And El

I need some assistance with these assignment. the comparison of mechanical and electrical engineering career choice Thank you in advance for the help! The students who wish to pursue their careers in either of these fields however remain confused as to which fields to choose solely because they do not have the required knowledge to make such an important decision. As a result, many students end up taking the wrong decision and by the time they realize it, it is too late and their future becomes dark.

In this report, this question has been discussed at length. A through research has been undertaken to find out just what exactly the two fields require from a person, and crucially, how the two differ in terms of coursework and future career opportunities.

This section covers the two fields from three different perspectives. Firstly how these two fields differ and what they focus on will be discussed. Then in terms of education and knowledge required of the field will be discussed. Lastly, both fields will be analyzed to find the future career opportunities.

As the term suggests, the mechanical engineering program focuses highly on the mechanics and motion of objects. It applies the principles of Physics in a very constructive way to bring about new equipment and technology to help make our lives easier. (Johnson & Sherwi, 1996)

Mechanical Engineering involves the analysis of design, manufacture, and maintenance of all types of mechanical systems. These can be automobiles, aircraft, and miscellaneous systems, manufacturing plants, industrial equipment, and machinery. (Johnson & Sherwi, 1996)

Being such a wide and very broad field, a student is required to study all sorts of courses relating to all types of scientific phenomenon. The general courses that students have to take up are the following: (Johnson & Sherwi, 1996)

The courses specified above mean that the student will be&nbsp.required to study all the basic and advanced concepts of how things basically work. It will be required of them to know and research how one thing leads to another and how the chain of processes goes on to make one single process work and create a basis for the next consecutive process.