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I need some assistance with these assignment. the rape of lucrece Thank you in advance for the help! The Rape of Lucrece The poem the rape of Lucrece by Joel Fineman is a post-structural poem analysed to deconstruct the traditional poetics of praise like the sonnets of Shakespeare (Fineman 7). Fineman has observed the tragic events of the poem and set them in motion. For example, the hyperbolic praise of Lucrece by Collatine boosts Lucrece’s sovereignity (Fineman 29). The praise of Collatine is paradoxical. it creates circumstances running the praised woman and the integrity of the rhetoric of praise itself. The poem has been highlighted intrinsically to show the connection between sexual violence and the language of poetic praise. The first stanzas of the poem acknowledge how poetic rhetoric is used in the work to repress praise and violence. Generally the poem highlights the rhetoric behind sexual violence especially in the American culture today which sometimes tends to be hipped with ironical praises.

In the rape of Lucrece by Joel Fineman, Lucrece has the confidence to speak after the rape incidence. This incidence limits her ability to celebrate her life sacrifice by acting precisely (Fineman 170). At this juncture, we do not believe the performers. Someone who has been robbed off her innocence will be understood better if she is presented quite, worried and in a state of shock which is contrary to the rape of Lucrece by Joel Fineman. In addition, Lucrece’s suicide is cast as the only way women can intervene politically (Fineman 171). Once someone has committed suicide, she will be gone forever, how can this same person come back to enjoy the political favors sought after. The rape of Lucrece by Joel Fineman’s performance is unbelievable.

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