I Need Someone To Write 4 6 Pages Literary Analysis Paper The Books Name Is To K

I need someone to write 4-6 pages literary analysis paper, the books name is( to kill a mockingbir, the perks of being a wallflowe) 

no palagrism at all,it will submit through turn it in. 

Mla format

What do you think is the weakest part?

§  Think about your main claim:

ü  Is it reasonable and logical?

ü  Are you making a point you believe in or just trying to fulfill the assignment?

ü  Are you making the argument you want to make?

ü  If not, how can you revise your claim to reflect this new idea?

For this assignment, you must write an argument that provides your interpretation/ analysis of the work and supports that claim with appropriate and sufficient details (evidence) from the work.  

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