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By completing this discussion, you will be able to:

  • network effectively and efficiently with industry professionals in both formal and informal occasions. 
  • identify a networking strategy that will expand your brand awareness while adding value to those in your network.
  • showcase a new skill, reference an informational interview, or include a live professional development event on your resume.


Book Yourself Solid Illustrated,  Chapter 11 “Networking Strategy” (Safari Books Online)

Article: How To Build a Powerful Professional Network, Forbes.com

Video: Personal Branding Interview with William Arruda hosted by Ryan Mickley (YouTube) 

Professional Organizations: Marketing (AMA), Sports (SMA), Entertainment (GetInMedia), Music (MBA)

Professional Meet-Up Groups & Events:  MeetUp.com | EventBrite.com | Full Sail Connect | LinkedIn.com

Accomplishments Inventory Sheet: (see below under “Downloads”) This document will help you gather all of the pertinent information you’ll need to recognize gaps in your experience that may hold you back from reaching your career goals after graduation. Use inventory sheet as a reference to help you identify people who could help you fill those gaps. 

Instructions – Networking Opportunities

Before writing your initial post, please read Chapter 11 “Networking Strategy” of Book Yourself Solid. As you will learn, there are many common misconceptions of networking, none more prevalent than “you have to manipulate others to get what you want.” Networking, when executed correctly, is a win-win-win for everyone involved. It is less about making “contacts” and more about connecting with your fellow man or woman. 

First, to help you strengthen your current network, think of two (2) people in your current network who consistently support you. We will call these people “Go-Givers.” Now, identify two (2) people in your current network who could add value to the Go-Givers’ work or life. Explain how you intend on connecting these people to each other for the primary reason of benefiting them and not yourself.

Second, to help you expand your network, think of types of people that are not represented in your current network. A strong network will have several types of people as explained in the Forbes article in the Resources section above. We will call these potential connections “Mastermind Group Members.” Identify two (2) types of people you would like to add to your Mastermind Group. 

Third, to help you identify where and how you will connect with your potential Mastermind Group Members, think of formal and informal occasions where you could connect with these types of people. Describe two (2) formal and two (2) informal occasions where you intend on connecting with your potential Mastermind Group members and provide a detailed explanation of how you will prepare for these encounters and how you will follow up after the encounter. Remember, informal encounters could include online interactions such as Twitter Chats, LinkedIn Groups, Webinars, and more. 

Instructions – Student Choice Activity (Due by Sunday)

Once you have completed your initial post, choose one activity below to complete and share feedback on the discussion board. Also, remember that there is a 300-word minimum.

  • Attend a guest speaking session on campus or online
    • Post a reflection of the session and the impact on your personal brand
  • Interview a professional in your chosen industry
    • Post a Q&A of the interview and the impact on your personal brand
  • Complete a Lynda.com course that will expand your knowledge
    • Post a reflection of the course with a screenshot of your certificate of completion and the impact on your personal brand


Your initial discussion post has a 300-word minimum dedicated to your Networking Strategy. Remember, concise writing will keep your audience tuned in.


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