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Assignment 1

Assignment 2

multicultural policy/iesindigenous population

Assignment 3

Reading Books:

• Jenkins, R (2008). Social Identity, London: Routledge.

• Martinello, M. & Rath, J. (red). 2010. Selected Studies in International

Migration and Immigrant Incorporation Amsterdam. Amsterdam University Press

(640 pp.)

• Özkirimli, U. 2017 (2010). Theories of Nationalism. A critical introduction. London.

Macmillan. (288 pp.)

Articles and books available online:

• Amin, Ash “Ethnicity and the multicultural city: living with diversity” in Environment

and Planning A 2002, volume 34, p 959-980 (online)

• Blan, Judith R. and Brown, Eric “Du Bois and Diasporic Identity: The Veil and the

Unveiling Project” in Lyall Smith, Keri and Leavy, Patricia (ed) (2008) Hybrid

Identities: Theoretical and Empirical Examinations. Boston: Brill Academy Publisher

chapter 3, on line: Ebrary.

• Barry, Brian (1998) “The Limits of Cultural Politics”, Review of International Studies

24(3): 307-319.

• Barth, William Kurt (2008) On Cultural Rights: The Equality of Nations and the

Minority Legal Tradition (chapter 5, p 155-201): Martines Nijhoff Publisher [ebrary


• Darling Wolf, Fabienne “Disturbingly Hybrid or Distressingly Patriarchal? Gender

Hybridity in a Global Environment” Chapter 4 in Lyall Smith, Keri and Leavy,

Patricia (ed) (2008) Hybrid Identities: Theoretical and Empirical Examinations.

Boston: Brill Academy Publisher (on line: Ebrary)

• Elgenius, Gabriella (2011) ‘The politics of recognition: symbols, nation building and

rival nationalisms’, Nations and Nationalism (Volume 17, Issue 2).

• Hellström, Anders, Nilsson, Tom and Pauline Stoltz (2012) ‘Nationalism vs.

Nationalism: The Challenge of the Sweden Democrats in the Swedish Public Debate’,

Government and Opposition (Volume 47, Issue 2).

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British Journal of Sociology, Volume 55, Issue 2, pp. 237-257.

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Indifference”, Political Theory 26(5): 686-699.

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Theories and Social Science Evidence”, Canadian Journal of Political Science 43(2):


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Culture”, Social Research 71(3): 529-548.

• Medda-Windischer, Roberta “Changing Paradigm in the Traditional Dichotomy of

Old and New Minorities” (p195-218) in Studies in International Minority and Group

Rights, Volume 1 : Double Standards Pertaining to Minority Protection (2010) (Ed)

Henrard, Kristin: Brill Academic Publishers [ebrary reader].

• Moller Okin, Susan (1998) “Feminism and Multiculturalism: Some Tensions”, Ethics

108(4): 661-684.

• Pantea, Maria-Carmen: From ‘Making a Living’ to ‘Getting ahead’: Roma Women’s

Experiences of Migration in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Volume 38:8

2012 p1251-1268 (online).

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