I Want You To Do The Part One For The Project Ppt 6 Slidespart One Presentation

I want you to do the part one for the project PPT. 6 slides

Part One (Presentation 1) 

3. Introduction 

A) What company (Our Company is kingdom Dates Co. http://www.kingdomdates.com.sa).

B) The product to be exported (All kinds of dates)

C) The country with which you wish to trade (Indonesian)

4. Company Profile (Origins, History, Etc.) 

5. Country:  (Indonesian) 

a. Brief discussion of the country’s history  (Indonesian)  

b. Geographical setting: location and climate (Jakarta)

c. Population 

d. Economic Statistics & Activity (GNP/GDP etc.) 

e. Trade Restrictions 

f. Channels of Distribution 

g. Media 

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