I Was Wondering If Anyone Knows Sas Programming

Write a SAS® program to access the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet and convert the income range labels into two numerical variables for male and female data that worked full-time and have earnings. You can ignore the Other category in each gender data. As an example, the label $1 to $2,499 or loss would be stored in two variables with content: 1 and 2499. Use a DO loop to process the labels into numerical variables. When creating and processing the variables, maintain the gender identification of the data so that the information about male and female earning categories is preserved. Given 20 earning labels per gender category, you should have 80 variables when finished, 40 per gender category. When converting the label $100,000 or more use numbers: 100000 and 149999. Save the converted earning category data in a raw data file. This week’s assignment is as follows: Use the raw data file created in the individual assignment in Week Four. Write a SAS® program that uses the PRINT procedure to produce a list that shows the contents of the raw data file. Illustrate that the gender categories of the original data were preserved. Write a second SAS® program to produce a report showing only the highest and lowest earning value or category for each gender. Ensure that labels are appropriate to convey the meaning of the data. Additionally, create a table that shows all of the earning variable contents for one gender category. I’m using Oracle VM VirtualBox with SAS University Edition. Attached is the Excel Spreadsheet that needs to be used for the assignments. The capture JPG’s are to show what I couldn’t figure out during the coding process.

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