I Will Pay For The Following Article Dave Eggers Suggestion The Work Is To Be 5

I will pay for the following article Dave Eggers Suggestion. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Failure of implementing the right policies and direction, leads to failure in life among the young and future generation. A frustrated Thomas takes into hostage seven individuals that he consider to have played a significant role towards his failure in life and questions then to ascertain the facts. The novel laments what the author considers the decline in American direction, purpose as well as backbone because the American dream is dead.

In the very first instance, a reader understands the decline in backbone of the American society as Thomas questions his first captive an astronaut. Upon waking up, the astronaut finds himself tied to a post that is within an abandoned building that happens to have once been a military camp in California coast. Thomas the captor and the same time the kidnapper of the astronaut make a proposal that the two know each other. Thomas introduces himself to the astronaut known as Kev as a person he knew from his days in college although Kev fails to recognize Thomas (Eggers 48). From the ensuing dialogue, it becomes clear to a reader that Kev was a very bright person that devoted most of his time studying engineering and other subjects as well as in the military to become an astronaut and go in the space. However, despite possessing all the required qualifications to go in the space, Kev’s expectations never materialized. Thomas questions the astronaut about his feelings upon getting news that his expectations to use the space shuttle in exploring the space were no longer valid.

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