I Will Pay For The Following Article Marriage As A Popular Theme The Work Is To

I will pay for the following article Marriage As A Popular Theme. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. From this essay, it is clear that the marriages of the two eldest Bennet daughters, Jane and Elizabeth, were however pleasant and appear to be based on some ideal. Jane had longed for Mr. Bingley for quite some time. Bingley was handsome and rich, kind and well liked. Both had undergone many conversations and had complimentary personalities which were required to make them successful partners. They were pleasantly matched and led a happy life together. Similarly, Elizabeth and Darcy’s marriage was a bright match. They had deep love and respect for each other, were equal in intellect, had physical attraction, and financial security. They are the two one can believe would be most happy in life. Though marriages based on true ideal were rare, still some were lucky.

In conclusion, the sheer desperation with which the issue of marriage cropped up as soon as the girl got young in Jane Austen’s work, Pride and Prejudice, is alarming. Marriage and its preoccupation with money forces modern readers to ponder. Hard questions regarding tradition, definition, and purpose of marriage are explored. The sheer materialism and greed in some of the characters may be partly due to the social and economic environment at that time. With no social security, (old age pension, health insurance, etc.) it was rather foolhardy to marry without having a secured income in advance. Though Austen herself never married, concluding the novel with a successful marriage highlights that her heroine has come full circle.