I Will Pay For The Following Article Modern Dance And Ballet The Work Is To Be 1

I will pay for the following article Modern dance and ballet. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Modern Dance and Ballet In order to learn modern jazz, a fusion of ballet and modern dance, dancers need to know how to coordinate the right and the left side of their bodies. This dance is a move away from the traditional ballet dance that stressed more on feet as the primary way for movements in the dance. It employs elements such as floor work, recovery, contact-release, and improvisation. it is performed, usually, in bare feet. It requires dancers to be able to coin and not repeat movements at least 2-4 times. girls must be able to perform folk dances (Fantik min. 1-3).

Thesis Statement: Modern Jazz dance has very little resemblance with classical ballet. it is an improvisation that fuses modern dance and ballet as such, requiring dancers to be able twist and swing while watching the positioning of their hands.

There is major emphasis on the use of bare feet, torso movements and most importantly, incorporation of humor into emotional expression. This dance requires that dancers train daily, and at times, take classic ballet classes in order to help them keep up with the complexity and technicality of the choreography of this dance. It requires that dancers follow ideas related to efficient movement of bodies, attention to detail, and keeping with a small space while making dance moves. The moves mostly used in modern jazz dance include Jazz kicks, Hands, Rolled shoulders, Turned knees and Sideways shuffling. Important features of modern jazz dance are the syncopated rhythm adopted from jazz music. improvisations, isolations and its requirement of high energy levels and low center of gravity.

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