I Will Pay For The Following Article Strategies In Action How Quality Function D

I will pay for the following article Strategies in Action: How Quality Function Deployment Model Is Applied. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Quality has become an increasingly important means of competition in all kinds of business. In today’s competitive markets quality is a business imperative rather than a luxury. The house of quality is the basic design tool of QFD. Companies can measure customers’ expectations of products with remarkable accuracy and thus they can compete on product quality. (Kannan 2008). A better understanding of customer needs before making a production plan will help to achieve customer satisfaction and to reduce correction costs. QFD can be used even to measure and satisfy employee requirements. (Woods 1993).

House of quality refers to a matrix that aligns the customer needs (business priorities), the design features (technical priorities), and customer preferences. The factor of these inputs is represented in the Benchmarked target values. From these target values, the product designers can establish objective metrics to indicate acceptance and fulfillment.

QFD is used in all types of businesses for improving the quality of products and services of customers in accordance with their needs and expectations. According to an article titled ‘What’s the Use’ by John Livingston “QFD is only useful for those industries that have decisions to make and customers to please.” (Livingston 2008). This implies that any organization that has customers and is intent on pleasing them can make use of QFD. The author in an indirect way stresses that organizations need to make decisions to please and satisfy their customers which is essentially what any competitive organization will do. In effect, QFD cab is used in any industry which has identifiable customers. It would be difficult to list all areas where QFD can be effectively applied, but a few examples are given below. It can be as varied as improving service in the hospitality industry, healthcare industry, banks, universities, manufacturing, electronics, and the entertainment industry. QFD was applied in designing and developing real-life and realistic robotic models of dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic Park. (Bolt & Mazur 1999).

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